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Garcinia Cambogia - There Is Much More Than Weight Loss

The Clusiaceae family is endemic to a region which embraces South India, Polynesia, Japan, Australia and tropical Africa. These are evergreen shrubs or trees which can reach a height of 20-82 ft. Many of the members of this family are cultivated for their fruit, which often differs from species to species.

Some of these fruits have a resemblance to tangerines with very thin skin, others look similar to wrinkled lemons, while others have very thick skin. What they all have in common is that they are endocarp and those which are cultivated, are generally delicious.

Another reason why they are cultivated is for their lumber, because it is termite resistant and not splintery, therefore it is utilized in the production of posts and tool handles.

The most popular of the Garcinia trees for its fruit is the purple mangosteen (garcinia mangostana). It is a tropical tree which does not tolerate temperatures below 32 °F. It is widely grown in Columbia, and was introduced from the Sunda Islands. The reddish color, rather thick hard rind of its fruit is not edible, but the flesh inside the rind is delicious. It can be compared to the tangerine, as it is about the same size and shape, but it is white in color.

Less known, nevertheless widely cultivated in its native environment is the Garcinia Prainiana. The fruit resembles the khaki when ripe and its skin is rather thin. Others are, the Garcinia Forbesii which produces fruits resembling huge cherries, the Garcinia Atroviridis with fruits which resemble a small pumpkin and is very pale green-white in color.

The fresh fruits are not readily available in the western hemisphere as the ripening process takes place over a period of only ten days. After that, the fruit inside the rind may begin to rot, while not showing any external indications. Canned mangosteens are no alternative, as much of the fruit's flavor is lost during the canning process.

The number of Garcinia species have not yet been exactly established, but they could easily exceed 300. The only species which is best known in the USA is the Garcinia Cambogia.

How remarkable that one TV Show sheds such light on just one species of Garcinia and of this species, on one single property - its appetite suppressant potential found in one ingredient in its rind - the Hydroxycitric Acid, short HCA. This shows the huge interest of the public in this single property, which is due to the ever rampant obesity problem in the United States.

In India the acidity of the rind has been added to spices like curry for centuries. Healers use it to heal edema, delayed menstruation, for strengthening the immune system, for more energy and more.

Recent studies have discovered that Garcinia Cambogia Extract is extremely antioxidant (means it acts as an anti aging substance), that it is an excellent antibiotic which it is antifungal and a carbohydrate blocker.

Therefore, it is much more than just an appetite suppressant for which it is mainly known in western countries. It is safe. It is an all-natural substance. It has been used for centuries by locals. It is a valuable health improvement product, which can be used even without the need to suppress hunger.

You should not consume more than 1500 mg HCA per day (an ideal dose is 500 mg 3 times per day) and after about two months discontinue use for a while. Take a break from using it for about one month before resuming consumption again.

Non-stop continued usage of high doses can result in severe lactic acidosis (increased acidity in the blood and other body tissue). One incident was reported by Wong & Klemmer in May 2008 associated with the juice of the mangosteen fruit Garcinia.

So beware of promotion which tries to impress with high doses of 750 mg or even 1000 mg of HCA per capsule. Stay at the safe dosage of 500 mg per capsule.

Need to Lose Weight Fast Starting Today?

Exercise when you need to lose weight fast

Let's look at the first part of your program when you need to lose weight fast and that is exercise. Obviously, joining a gym is one of the best places that you can go if you need to lose weight fast. Joining a gym has its advantages, but it also has some disadvantages too.

Everybody is at the gym for the same reason and that is to exercise. So, when you are around other people who share the same objective as you it can give you the motivation to get the best possible use from your workout. Also there are no distractions at the gym. If you exercise at home, there are lots of other jobs and tasks that can distract you from your exercise routine.

The gym will give you access to a wide choice of equipment and fitness classes so that you will not get bored. If you need to lose weight fast it is important to have a varied exercise program and the gym is the ideal place to do this.

So, what are the downsides of a gym? Most gyms will want you to sign-up to their membership program. This offers great value if you go regularly, but if you sign up for a 12 month contract and then stop going after the first few weeks, you'll still have to pay so you'll be wasting money if you don't go. Gyms can get busy and facilities can be pretty crowded during peak hours. If you don't like exercising around others, the gym may not be for you.

While it's not necessary to join a gym if you need to lose weight fast, some people thrive in this type of setting. If you're not sure if a gym is right for you, go to your local gym and ask for a trial membership. This will give you a chance to use the facility for a couple of weeks to see if joining is something you really want to do.

Watch what you eat when you need to lose weight fast

The first step on your diet plan when you need to lose weight fast is to totally avoid processed foods Processed foods are the things that you eat that are packaged in boxes, cans or bags.

Your new diet plan should include a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables each day as these foods help you get the nutritional supplements you need to support your body system. Bean, poultry and lean meats will provide you with the protein and iron that your body needs.

Remember to drink plenty of water as it helps to clear your body of toxins and curb your appetite. Do not leave any tempting foods in your home. If you need to lose weight fast, having high-fat processed foods around will not help your will power. Do not skip meals and only eat from a plate, while seated at a table - don't pick bit and pieces from the fridge.

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Why You Should Juice: The Health Benefits of Juicing

You've probably heard about the juicing trend. It seems like everyone is doing it, from Oprah to Dr. Oz. Many of your friends might also be juicing enthusiasts. So what is all the hype about?

Juicing is not merely another trend. It's something that's here to stay. Why? Simply because it really does benefit your body in a very unique way. It is also wonderfully suited to the modern lifestyle. Most people these days know exactly what foods are good for their bodies and which foods aren't. The problem is that most of us don't have the time to spend on washing tons of produce, learning how to prepare it, and then consuming mounds and mounds of healthy vegetables.

We're all busy and on the move most of the time and we just don't have tons of time to dedicate to our diets!

This is where juicing comes in.

Juicing is truly fantastic because it allows you to consume a large variety of healthy produce in just a few minutes. You can instantly juice a whole salad bowl full of healthy ingredients and swallow it down in a fraction of the time it'd take to eat the actual salad.

In this manner, juicing allows you to consume the optimal amount of vegetables in a very efficient manner. Did you know that the average person should be consuming around 1 pound of vegetables for every 50 pounds of their body weight? That means for someone like myself - who weighs around 150lbs - I should be eating 3 pounds of veggies every day! I just don't have the time to do that! However, with my handy juicer in tow, I can. Juicing is a wonderful option for people on the go.

Not to mention the many health benefits that juicing provides.

Juicing is sometimes even better than eating vegetables simply because it helps you absorb ALL the nutrients from the veggies. This is crucial for many of us because a lot of us are struggling with impaired digestion. The modern diet is not good for us and as a result of eating less than healthy foods for a long time, we might already have stomach problems and digestion problems that prevent us from fully digesting the fibrous vegetables we eat. A great juicer does the digesting for you - it breaks down all the fiber in the vegetables that your body might struggle with.

All you have to do to get the nutritional benefits is drink the juice!

Another fantastic benefit of juicing is that you get the opportunity to try a whole range of vegetables. If we had to go through the trouble of not only discovering new veggies to try but figuring out how to prep and cook them, we probably wouldn't bother. The good thing about juicing is that you can simply run them through the juicer! In an instant, you can try a bunch of new flavors and gain access to nutrients that are really good for you!

If you are new to juicing, I highly recommend that you take some time to research the best juicer to buy based on your needs. Think for a moment about what you hope to get out of juicing and what you'll be using your new juicer for. Make sure to choose a juicer that fits your needs instead of a fancy juicer that has a bunch of bells and whistles!

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The Tiny Creatures That Sew Your Clothes Tighter Each Night: Who Are They?

Are you one of those people who obsess over the number on the scale? Do you weigh yourself daily or even several times a day waiting for that number to change? While it is good to weigh yourself from time to time, it can be quite a dangerous habit to get into. The scale doesn't reflect your fitness activity nor does it take into consideration of many other factors in the number reading. Here are three things to keep in mind when jumping on the scale.

1.) Schedule your weigh-ins. Come up with a day to have your weigh-ins and mark it on a calendar. It can be once a week or less frequently. Once you come up with a schedule, only weigh yourself on that given day. Weighing yourself first thing in the morning is usually best before any variations of food or fluid consumption since your weight can fluctuate all day long.

2.) Know that your weight can and will fluctuate 2-4 pounds from day to day. Just because you step on the scale and you are heavier than your last weigh-in doesn't mean that your fitness plan is not working. The scale does not just focus on the weight of fat. Think of what your body is made of on the inside. All of that is added into the number on the scale as well as the water weight that fluctuates constantly. As you are exercising, you are building muscle that aids in fat loss which will give you a larger number since muscle weighs more than fat. Yes a pound is a pound, but the difference is, there could be a pound of fat sitting on a table next to a pound of muscle, and the pound of muscle would look much smaller than the pound of fat. It takes more fat to equal a pound than muscle.

3.) Make sure that the number you are striving for is realistic. Too often people come up with a number in their head that they think they should be at. Maybe at one point in your life you weighed a certain number and are striving for that number now, ten years later. It's important to note that as you may have once weighed less than you currently do now, it may not be healthy or safe to go back to that number. As you grow older, your metabolism slows and many other factors come into play. If you have hit your "happy" weight, switch over to maintaining it and continue to strength train to build muscle as you will continue to lean out.

Don't let the scale get the best of you and throw you off track of your fitness game. Take each day and do your best with your nutrition and exercise. Check your progress with how your clothes are fitting and how you feel each day. It's also a good idea to check your progress with a tape measure to see how many inches you are losing. A tape measure won't lie to you!

If you need help and direction with your goals, remember I'm here for you. Contact me today to get started!

The Dangers Of Excess Belly Fat

During a recent television appearance, renowned cardiologist and author Dr. Mehmet Oz caused quite a stir by announcing that your waist measurement is the most important indicator of overall health. During the show, he explained that if your waist measurement is more than half your height (in inches), you are at serious risk for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. This announcement had many people looking at their measuring tapes not just as a way to measure their fitness, but as a way to measure their future.

Why is excess belly fat so important and what does it have to do with all of these health risks?

Excess Stomach Fat Damages Your Liver

Several recent studies on the connection between obesity (particularly excess abdomen fat) and high levels of liver fat have shown that there is a much higher rate of fatty liver in those with excess belly fat. Fatty liver is a leading indicator of several lipid and metabolic disorders and even liver cancer. In these studies, researchers investigated what makes some obese people develop lipid disorders. They found that liver fat is strongly associated with increased secretion of very low density lipoproteins (VLDL), which contain the highest amount of triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides carry an increased risk of metabolic abnormalities and increased risk of heart disease and premature death.

Decreasing excess paunch fat and blood cholesterol is the recommended treatment for reducing and even reversing fatty liver.

Excess abdomen Fat Increases Insulin Resistance and Type 2 diabetes

When we eat, our food, especially carbohydrates, is broken down into glucose so that it can be used to power every cell in our bodies. However, to be used as energy rather than stored as fat, glucose requires the help of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. Its job is to serve as a key that unlocks your body's cells so that glucose can enter and be used by the cells as energy. Fat cells, particularly abdominal fat cells, lessen the sensitivity to insulin, making it harder for glucose to pass through cell walls. Because the glucose can't enter the cells, it remains in the bloodstream (high blood sugar). The pancreas responds by producing and releasing more insulin. This cycle repeats itself and grows worse over time. This is what leads to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Excess Belly Fat Greatly Increases the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Because belly fat is so close to the liver (and often accompanied by excess fat directly surrounding the liver), it boosts production of LDL cholesterol (the one we don't want boosted!). This cholesterol eventually becomes a waxy substance known as plaque, which sticks to artery walls and eventually causes swelling, narrowing the arteries. This narrowing increases blood pressure, which seriously taxes the heart. It also increases your chance of blood clots, which can cause stroke.

Excess Belly Fat Increases the Risk of Dementia

Excess belly fat has even been linked to an increased risk of dementia. In fact, excess belly fat increases your risk of developing dementia by as much as 145%! This is a result of the same inflammation in the artery walls, which decreases proper blood flow to the brain.

With all of the serious health risks linked to belly fat, it's easy to see that getting rid of excess belly fat should be a very high priority. Fortunately, while we have lots of "scary" research that shows the risks of stomach fat, we also have all of the new research that shows us how to get rid of belly fat quickly, easily and permanently.

Identifying The Two Kinds of Belly Fat

There are actually two kinds of paunch fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous means under the skin. This is the fat you can see and pinch, since it's just below the skin layer.

Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds your vital organs. In the case of abdominal fat, your liver is most commonly affected.

Excess subcutaneous fat around the abdomen is usually accompanied by excess visceral fat around the liver.

The good news: The stomach Fat Diet plan attacks BOTH types of belly fat.

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Diets Affect Weight Loss for Better or for Worse

Diets Affect Weight Loss

What do you think diets mean when it comes to weight loss? The reasons many people have a hard time losing weight is because they think diet means eating less.

They rush into crash diets, supplemented by pills and what not, only to see their campaign to shed pounds come crashing down. So before you take up a diet in the hopes of shedding those extra pounds you should understand some important, invaluable, undeniable facts:

There is no magic diet to dissolve your fats.

Diets alone are not the best weight loss strategy.

what you eat or drink can determine how you lose weight.

... for Better or for Worse

Diets effect losing weight, for better or for worse. It's up to you what kind of effect that this. You may even lose weight initially and think "Yay, it's working" but then you find it hard to stick to the diet. What happens then? You spiral back to your old eating habits and the weight comes back just as soon as it had disappeared.

This is not to say that there is no way to lose weight fast or meet challenging weight loss goals. With the right diet plan you can lose considerable weight, in an impressive time period.

So, yay or nay on a healthy balanced diet?

Healthy, Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is the key. Sometimes you may need to start your weight loss campaign with a strict diet and then work to improve your eating habits. Where people often go astray is that they think the strict diet is the solution itself.

So how do you know what diet to follow, how to follow a diet or switch between them as you improve your eating habits?

If you have access to reliable advice, diet plans and strategies that have delivered results, helped people shed pounds in a healthy and sustainable way, then you can go about losing weight the right way.

Effective Weight Loss Diets can actually be Enjoyable

Losing weight through diets has both easy and hard aspects. It's not all tough and insufferable.

For instance you don't have to eat funny looking meals or drink weird shakes to lose weight. While sometimes such items do serve a purpose, they are not where your dieting initiative should end. Starving obviously is not a solution anyway.

What you should focus on, in addition to a certain 'rigid' diet is a balanced diet that you can easily follow throughout your life. And once you follow a healthy, balanced diet, you will also find it easier to adopt other habits such as exercise that is crucial for effective weight loss.

Diet is one of the two wings you need your weight loss solution to take off. The other is exercise. You need the other, but need this one as well.

The Best Diet Plans on the Web

So start today by viewing the best, most effective and healthy diets available on the web. has the reliable information to quick weight loss.

What Does Green Tea Do?

Besides being a tasty beverage, there are plenty of other things that green tea can help with. People are getting more and more excited as the list of benefits for drinking Chinese tea keeps growing and expanding. In this article we are going to answer the question "What does green tea do?"

There has been over a decade of research on Chinese tea and the results are astounding. Professionals who are always interested in holistic approaches as well as individuals who are practicing in traditional medicine are seeing that tea is helpful in many different areas of health. Here are just a few of the benefits individuals are experiencing from consuming the Chinese tea:

• Weight Loss
• Looking Younger
• Healthier Heart
• Improvement in Diabetes
• Regulated Blood Pressure Levels
• Better Resistance to Sickness

Chinese tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and has been an every day beverage in the cultures of the Chinese, Japanese and Indians. It wasn't until around the sixth century that the West was able to experience green tea, but now it is a common thing to see green tea in almost any household. Most of the people are not even thinking about the health benefits, they just know that green tea tastes great and they get the health benefits on accident.

Tea has active ingredients of which the main ones are called polyphenol. The most powerful polyphenol found in tea is called EGCG and most people believe that the most of the health benefits of tea come from EGCG. This makes EGCG a very powerful ingredient that you can find in many different weight loss supplements.

Polyphenols are antioxidants that destroy free radicals in the body. Free radicals are nasty and dangerous molecules that work to damage and destroy cells in your body. Whenever you consume one cup of this tea you will be taking in about eighty to one hundred polyphenols.

Since there are so many different benefits, this tea is being talked about all over; not only in homes around the world, but also on famous and popular talk shows and health programs. There is plenty of information and testimonials that back up the information people are getting on this tea and its health benefits. You can find reliable research anywhere on the internet and in books.

Women who are pregnant or nursing are recommended by many people to consume tea because of the many health benefits. It is important to consume green tea in moderation during pregnancy however since it does contain caffeine. Moderation is the key and the way to be able to get the health benefits without any adverse side effects.

Many personal fitness trainers have their clients drinking Chinese tea and seeing great results. There are many different brands of green tea and different ways to consume green tea. Find what works for you and start seeing the health benefits of green tea and what Chinese tea can do in your body.

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Little Diet Tweaks For 50 Year Old Women That Burn Belly Fat

There are many articles written about the disadvantages women have over 50 when it comes to losing belly fat. While it is true that natural shifts in hormone production make your body more likely to deposit fat in your midsection. The mature woman over 50 has some advantages that make her more likely to finally succeed at fat loss. Because of these advantages making a few little tweaks to her diet can make a big difference to her weight.

As a woman over 50 you have come to understand what works best for you concerning diet. You are also more willing to evaluate weight loss methods and abandon the "miracle diet" for a more intelligent approach to reaching your goal. These traits add up to true advantages and will help you reach your goal of a slimmer waistline.

If you are a woman over 50 who wants to burn belly fat, try these little tweaks for two weeks and notice the difference.

1. Cut the Trans Fats. Trans fats started being used a little over 50 years ago. At the time there were some questions about the safety of these man-made fats, but the food industry loved them because they increased shelf life as well as the flavor of their foods. Now, 50 years after their introduction, research is surfacing about how these foods contribute to abdominal fat and food cravings.

For the next two weeks I challenge you to avoid trans fats. This means avoiding any pre-packaged foods, including frozen diet meals (yes, most of them contain trans fats). Instead, eat whole foods that have not been processed. Fill your daily diet with oatmeal with frozen berries, a chicken Caesar salad, whole fruits, and home-made vegetable soup and notice the results almost immediately.

2. Aerobic Exercise Before Breakfast. You will get an added metabolic boost from your exercise if you do it in the morning before you eat. Get up and head out the door for a walk.

3. Add Two Days of Resistance Exercise to Your Week. When you age muscle mass is lost if it is not worked. And because each pound of muscle burns about 50 calories during the day, you can see why working your muscles is important. You can go to the gym and lift weights, or you can work your muscles by doing yoga.

4. Eat For Your Body. As you age your body is less efficient at turning carbohydrates into energy and more efficient at storing them as belly fat. Therefore you want to decrease your carbohydrate intake by a couple of hundred calories.

To make up for the lost calories swap the carbs for protein. At dinner try eating your chicken on top of a bed of lettuce, instead of in a bun and you will easily meet the need!

Shed Those Extra Kilos and Fat Easily!

We all desire for the perfect figure and body contour. As much as we may desire, some maybe blessed but others may have certain areas of your body, wherein fat accumulation exists which makes you look fat and shapeless. A well shaped and toned body not just attracts but also boosts your self confidence. For some, getting a fad diet plan in place is one of the prerequisites to shed those extra kilos and burn out the fat, reducing the flab and paunch. But more commonly it's observed that we as humans do succumb to temptations when it comes to good food and hence sticking onto a dietary plan is much more difficult in the fast paced times of today. It's easier said than done.

The body fat lingering around your tummy can be reduced with effective weight reduction programs guaranteeing inch loss in matter of few weeks by exercising and eating right. Your food intake, cravings, dietary pattern and lifestyle habits do influence and affect your looks and contribute to weight gain. The most effective way to regulate weight is to eat all day long in small time meals and avoid hogging over food.

Mental Workout to Reduce Weight

While physical workout and diet plan is give more importance when we talk about achieving the hour glass figure, very little or no importance is given to mental workout. The moment you start visualising a thinner you, the idea is conceived in your mind and starts growing if you stay positive at all times and maintain focus on your health goals. The right attitude as it always matters do help a long way to start introducing minor changes in the lifestyle choices you make and does contribute to a slimmer you.

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss should be your goal and not deprivation of your body from essential nutrients and elements to growth. This might reduce weight initially but in the longer run shall make you look pale and less energetic. Do not opt for weight loss pills or products that assure immediate results for you never know about the side effects in the longer run. Your body does need a right amount of fat for energetic living.

Eat plenty of green vegetables and have nutritious fibre content in your meals for proper digestion. Your body needs healthy dairy products that are low in fat or with no fat. Beyond incorporating a healthy diet plan in your life, it's recommended to ideally drink 8-glasses of water every day and even too much exercise is bad.

Catch Up on Good Sleep

It can make you wonder how can a good sleep help in weight loss? For if you are up all night and reach out for the caffeine and sugar, don't get a healthy breakfast for running late, grab on some junk food and fillers for the evening and above all no proper sleep for 7-9 hours induces negative thoughts and makes you feel less energetic. Your metabolism controls your body weight; it determines burning out those extra calories. If you don't sleep all night, then your metabolism is very slow. Allow your body to get into the "deep slumber" phase that helps it repair, cope and deal with everyday stress.

Stay Happy at all times

Your moods do affect and impact your weight. Some people when sad end up eating more food than usual and have craving for frequent binges. This does add onto the flab around your tummy areas and extra fat. Hitting the treadmill burns out the fat to some extent, but mood elevators such as practicing yoga and meditation to seek inner solace and happiness helps reduce weight significantly.

What you eat reflects on your moods and thoughts. They influence negative and positive energies in your life. Hence develop supportive relationships with like-minded people, care and love for your near and dear ones, opt for extra-curricular activities like swimming, dancing, music and elements that bring joy in your life. It needn't necessarily involve money investment at all cases, even cooking a delicious meal for your family can elevate your mood and make you happy. Happy, Healthy and Nutritious way is the ideal route to get the perfect figure and reduce your waistline by several inches.

There is nothing as gratifying experience to see a renewed you with perfect figure contours, and as frustrating routine to reduce weight and making healthy eating habits a part of your daily life. The challenges and fears experienced with weight loss can be reduced only when you understand your body better.

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3 Step Diet Strategy Shows Women Over 50 How To Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

For women over the age of 50 menopause becomes a factor in the success of a weight loss strategy. Besides puberty and pregnancy, menopause is the next most common time for a woman to gain weight. If you think about it each of these time periods in a woman's life share something in common - hormonal change. These hormonal changes can make losing those final 5 pounds challenging for those women who are close to their goal weight.

Here is a 3 step strategy women over 50 can follow for the next week to reach their weight loss goal.

1. Be Carb Smart. Low carb diets can work, but you have to be smart about your carbohydrate intake. If you have been eating fewer carbohydrates, or even fewer calories, for a number of weeks and you cannot get your weight to budge, then you might be unknowingly making weight loss hard for your body.

On Day One allow yourself to eat a high carb meal. You can aim for about a 1,000 calorie meal and over 150 grams of carbs. This is not hard to do if you are having pasta, bread, or baked goods, and you should feel free to eat these foods.

This high carb meal resets your fat burning hormones that naturally decrease when you follow a low carb or low calorie diet for more than a week or two.

2. Cycle Your Carb Intake. On the two days following your high carb meal you want to drop your carb intake to around 50 carbs per day. Then on the remaining days of the week add an additional 10 to 20 carbs to your diet per day. By doing this you prevent your fat burning hormones from plummeting, which helps keep your body in a fat burning state 24/7.

3. Exercise The Right Way For Your Goal. The day after your high carb meal is the perfect day to use resistance training, which means exercise using either weights or your body weight. This type of exercise uses your large muscles and depletes the stored carbohydrates in your muscles. This prevents fat storage and sets you up for fat loss during the week.

You may want to add one more weight training day early in the week or you can opt to do light aerobic exercise for the remaining days of week. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

By the end of the week you should see the results on the scale. If you are not quite at your 5 pound weight loss goal, repeat the 3 step strategy the next week.

Over-Eating During Holidays: Do You Blame Yourself?

Have you ever noticed, that no matter what holiday it is, there's food associated with the celebration? Even for religious holidays where you "fast" there's an ending of the fast meal that become part of the celebration.

It's finally becoming apparent that dieting doesn't work. Sooner, rather than later, the weight you lost is regained. 95% of all dieters regain their hard fought lost weight within a couple of month to two years. And, unfortunately, most people still blame themselves for getting overweight in the first place, and secondly for failing at dieting.

If you have fallen for the belief that limiting your food intake and increasing your exercise is going to make you lose weight permanently, holidays are a even more of a challenge. Going to parties and trying to avoid eating the foods you love is stressful. If you don't resist, you get disgusted with yourself, which adds to the stress and feeling of low self-esteem.

And yet, there is so much misunderstanding about how and why people gain weight. But unfortunately, despite the facts, there is very little disagreement among health care practitioners about how you gain weight, and how to lose it. The vast majority of diet gurus insist that you have to eat less, exercise more, avoid fats, carbs, and eat rabbit food. And this has become "common wisdom" in the general population as well, despite the huge failure rate! But if you read the actual research, you learn that is not the case.

Doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results is the definition of A DIET, and insanity!

The sad thing is people who are overweight, have taken on the belief that they are responsible for being overweight; that they over-ate, under-exercised, have no discipline, cheated at their diet, or did something else to "deserve" their over weight condition. They are stuck in the belief that being overweight is their fault, and they blame themselves instead of the flawed concept of dieting! This self blame is self destructive, stressful, and can actually add to their difficulty with their weight!

Perhaps worst of all, is that people who don't have weight problems will fight vehemently for their position blaming overweight people for being lazy and pigging out, causing their own problems. They even quote the Law of Thermodynamics (which doesn't apply in this situation).

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

- Mahatma Gandhi

There are circumstances that create conditions that make people overweight. Yes, over-eating can be one of the causes, but people don't typically over-eat unless there is something wrong with their body's feedback loop that tells them that they've eaten enough food! You only need to try to stuff more food in your mouth when you've had enough. You feel miserable. It's painful!

Some of the reasons that lead to overweight are:

  • Genetic inheritance

Epigenetic inheritance- (this is the newest research- the stress your parents were dealing with in THEIR lives..)

Exposure to toxins while in utero, or during your lifetime

  • Chronic or serial Stress

Stress not only changes your and slows your metabolism, but it can cause you to eat as a response to stress. Multi-tasking and being overly busy makes you eat mindlessly, unaware of your body's signals of satiation.

  • Under-eating or Dieting

Chronic dieting puts the body automatically into fat storage mode to prevent death from starvation. Your body is designed by nature to keep you at a weight set point.

  • Over-exercising

This increases your appetite automatically to prevent the body from losing too many calories, thus preventing weight loss. Your body is designed by nature to keep you at a weight set point.

So, don't diet or over-exercise to control your weight. Enjoy yourself, during holidays. This is the time to de-stress, and relax. Eat the food you love. But eat mindfully, and check in with your stomach to realize when you've eaten enough. It's when you deprive yourself of the food you love during the rest of the time that encourages binge eating!

Don't punish and blame yourself for something that is not "your fault". Self deprivation is stressful and can wreak havoc with your metabolism. When you pay attention to your body's signals of hunger and satiation, your body will keep you at your proper weight set point.

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Can You Think Yourself Slim?

One great strategy for lasting weight loss is to link great pain to your current eating habits and pleasure to making better choices.

This might just be the trigger that stops you from reaching for the cookies/cake/chocolate when your trigger behaviour occurs. Trust me it feels great to recognise those occasions where you would have reached for comfort food and can choose not to.

Choice is what shedding weight is all about, nothing else!

Restrictive diets tend not to work because they are literally all about denial. When you deny yourself something you tend to crave it. Cravings are very hard to control. It goes back to the pain and pleasure principal and if your mind-set is "I have to feel miserable today so I might get thin tomorrow", what do you think is going to happen?

Most diets also fail because we don't change underlying attitudes towards food, how many times have you heard (or even said), " I lost the weight but as soon as I started eating normally I put it all back on"

Why? Because what we class as normal eating is not healthy, a quart of ice cream in one sitting is not healthy, drinking quarts of soda is not healthy, the same goes for candy, cookies, potato chips etc.

So how can we break free?

Make healthier choices, not as a diet but as a lifestyle. If we eat nourishing sustaining food, our bodies will naturally find the weight that is right, right for you, right for me. This is the best way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!

Learn your triggers, what makes you overeat?

Years ago I was a sales rep on the road, I would drive 50,000 miles a year. I used to eat in the car A LOT, I gained 30 lbs in a couple of years. Every time I went to put fuel in my car I put a lot of junk inside me, I finally worked out what was happening when I discovered that I had eaten 2 chocolate bars before even leaving the petrol station forecourt.

These days I still find that I want to eat if I surf the web or watch TV. So I now don't eat whilst doing anything else, more about that later.


Take some time and find out what triggers you, is it boredom, to distract yourself from pain be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Is it thirst, remember most hunger pangs are actually thirst.

It will be time well spent I promise you.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Women Over 50 - Why You Stopped Losing on a Low Carb Diet and How To Fix It

If you are like most women over 50 who go on a low carb diet you likely found that after about two weeks your weight loss slowed or even stopped. Low carb diets came on the dieting scene a few decades ago and they are still being used today, mostly because they produce fast weight loss, at least at the start of your diet. In this article we will take a look at some of the special circumstances facing women in the menopausal stage of life and how carbs can be timed to break through a weight loss plateau.

Low carb diets are appealing to women over 50 because they help reduce belly fat. Hormonal changes that occur at or around the age of 50 make it easier for a woman's body to store fat in the abdomen. Even if you had always stored fat in your legs, hips and butt, the classic "pear-shaped" body, after the age of 50 you will find that fat accumulates in your belly more easily. Therefore, leaving you with a more "apple-shaped" body.

If you have been following a low carb diet and have been generally pleased with the results; but, you have noticed that the diet has stopped working, here are some steps you can take to fix your low carb diet:

1. Add a Cheat Meal. Carbohydrates are your body's primary energy source. After a few weeks of following a reduced carbs your body shifts to using fat, and possibly protein, for energy. This is one of the benefits of a low carb diet. However, the down side of this is that your body looks at this shift as a threat.

Your body does not know that you are cutting out carbohydrates because you have started to get more belly fat. It only knows that it is not getting enough of its primary fuel and to "help" you, your body shuts down your fat-burning hormones.

Giving yourself one day off each week and enjoying a Cheat Meal that is high in carbohydrates gives your body the message that all is okay and your fat-burning hormones are reset.

2. Use Carb Cycling during the week. Instead of going low carb all week, cycle your carbs throughout the week. To do this effectively you want to have a cheat meal and then for the next two days eat a reduced carbohydrate diet. From the third day until your next cheat meal increase your carb intake by about 10-20 carbs per day. This prevents your fat-burning hormones from dropping too dramatically, and keeps carbs low enough to continue weight loss.

3. Take Irvingia Gabonensis. This is nutrient supplement that works for low carb dieters because it makes your body cells more receptive to the fat-burning hormones.

Low carb diets are popular with women over 50 and they can be followed with success. But, if your low carb diet has stopped working you can utilize a Cheat Meal, Carb Cycling and the supplement Irvingia Gabonensis to boost your fat loss.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Stuck On My Weight Loss

Have you ever said to yourself, I'm stuck on my weight loss? You know you've been really good, OK, maybe could tweak a couple things, but you know that you should see the scale moving down? That's where I have been for a while now. I haven't gained any weight, but I'm stuck. I was talking to my Doctor about it and he recommended that I take a metabolic test. He said it would explain where I have deficiencies and if I have any food allergies. That would allow me to eliminate the foods that may be causing me to not lose weight. The results will also show what supplements I should take that will get my system functioning tiptop so that I can lose the weight. He works with a company called Metametrix. He sent me home with the test where I had to provide a blood test (finger prick) and urine sample. Everything you need is included in the kit, including shipment. I sent everything in and about a week later, my Doctor had my results.

I hadn't anticipated my results. I mean I couldn't believe all the deficiencies I had. And I found out I have a severe intolerance to pork (no more Canadian bacon for me), eggs and dairy. I also started looking at the list of symptoms that were affected by the deficiencies and food intolerances.

You ask, why am I sharing all of this with you? I am hoping that maybe I can provide you some insight. Does any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? You're foggy, can't focus, don't remember. Do you find yourself saying I'm tired all the time and have trouble sleeping? Or maybe you're doing everything right but you are on a plateau with your weight. Do you ever wonder why that is? Do you think that maybe it's your age, your diet, stress, all the above? It's crazy because sometimes we just go on with our day thinking these symptoms are normal. I know I did. I mean, sometimes we know we're having issues, but find it such the norm that we don't think twice about how it could be something that requires serious attention.

Test Results
So let me share a little about my test results showed. If any of this seems familiar to you, you may want to ask your Doctor if he/she can perform this test, or send you somewhere that can.

B-Vitamin Insufficiency
B-vitamins are essential co-factors in a wide spectrum of chemical reactions within the body and are essential for the production of important hormones and neurotransmitters. They are the most important vitamin modulators of human biochemistry. Having less than optimal levels may not cause specific symptoms in some, but may manifest in many people in the following ways:

  • Fatigue and lack of vitality
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Diminished capacity to deal with stress
  • Mood imbalances and sleep disturbance
  • Lack of concentration and memory
  • Blood sugar regulation difficulties
  • Dermatitis and skin disorders.

Inefficient cellular Energy Production
This is a critical process that occurs within all cells and sub-optimal energy production may result in:

  • Fatigue and lack of vitality
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Generalized muscle aches
  • Lack of concentration and memory

Chronic Stress
A chronic high level of stress and a sub-optimal or fatigued stress response can result in:

  • Fatigue and lack of vitality
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Diminished capacity to deal with stress
  • Mood imbalances and sleep disturbance
  • Lack of concentration and memory

A Sub-optimal ability to detoxify internal and external chemicals and toxins. Elevated body burden of toxin may result in:

  • Fatigue and lack of vitality
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Lack of concentration and memory
  • Increased oxidative stress and risk of chronic diseases

An imbalance of gastrointestinal bacterial growth. Dysbiosis may cause increases in bacterial toxins being absorbed and sent to the liver where the body's detoxification process is required to neutralize these compounds, putting additional stress on the detoxification system. It commonly can cause vague gastrointestinal symptoms such as:

Diarrhea and/or constipation (or alternating diarrhea and constipation)
Gas and bloating
Intestinal cramping
Flatulence (excessive gas)
Increased risk for arthritis and autoimmune diseases

Food Intolerance
I also had multiple food intolerances. They can result from eating the same foods too often (over exposure), poor digestion of foods, and/or increases in intestinal permeability (leaky-gut). Multiple food sensitivities can result in a myriad of potential symptoms including:

  • Fatigue and lack of vitality
  • Skin rashes and other skin conditions
  • Respiratory and sinus congestion
  • Increased risk for arthritis and autoimmune diseases
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Migraine and other headaches

So, this is in no way telling you that you have any of these deficiencies, I just wanted to bring to your attention that if you feel many of these symptoms, you may want to have it checked out. Here's to your health.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weight Loss For Women Weight Training

Weight Training Myth

Well here's a fact - the main hormone for increasing muscle mass when weight training is Testosterone, now this hormone is obviously in both men and women and it is this that creates the big muscles through weight training, however women only have about 7% of testosterone their male counterpart has, this means you can go to the gym or do your own home workouts and do the same training as the men but you will only ever make 7% of the muscle mass gains as the men. Because of this genetic make up no matter how hard you train you will not end up like Mr Universe.

Weight training will help you lose weight quicker than cardiovascular and aerobic workouts with the added benefits of increased strength, firmer and more toned muscles, stronger bone density and increased flexibility.

Women body builders who get very muscular use Anabolic Steroids (synthetic testosterone) plus other drugs to get that high degree of muscle mass definition.

Weight Training Increases Chest Size

Unfortunately weight training will not improve chest size, due to the fact that women's breasts are mainly fatty tissue and it is a physical impossibility for fat to turn into muscle, therefore weight training will not give you bigger breasts as weight training loses fat, if you go below 12% body fat your breast size will however decrease, weight training does however increase your back size, so when measuring this increased size probably gets mixed up with cup size.

Weight Training Makes You Stiff and Muscle Bound

We have already established the fact that as a woman your testosterone levels are only 7% that of a man so you are not going to generate lots of muscle mass, therefore we are not going to become muscle-bound.

Regarding making you stiff, the trick is, whatever exercise you are doing you need to take it through its full range of movement, for example, exercise like flyers, dead lifts, chin ups and presses stretch the muscle in its bottom range of movement, so by performing the exercises properly through their full range of movement your stretching abilities will be increased.

If You Stop Your Muscles Will Turn to Fat

This is like turning gold into silver. It is a physical impossibility for muscle tissue to turn into fat as they are two completely different types of tissue.

What happens is when you stop training completely you start to lose muscle through the lack of activity (as the old saying goes "use it or lose it") ideally when you get your ideal body rather than stop you should train at least once a week and do an overall body workout, this will put you in maintenance mode, stick to your good eating habits and this one workout a week will keep you in shape.

If you fall back into your old eating habits coupled with a slower metabolism due to inactivity it will make it look like your muscle is turning into fat, but actually you are losing muscle and gaining fat.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Is The Diet After The Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery?

The gastric band weight loss surgery is the first step towards losing weight. After the surgery. the adaptation to a new diet is the hardest part for most patients. Patient must follow the following diet stages for at least 4 weeks after the weight loss surgery. In the long term, patients need to keep to a number of specific dietary rules to ensure the gastric band is as effective as possible. It is advised by both the weight loss surgeon and the dietitian that the gastric band diet should be considered as a lifetime commitment for optimal results.

What Is The Diet Intake Post Gastric Band Surgery?

As the body adjusts to the gastric band or lap band, dietary changes progress from:

  1. Fluid diet: 1-2 days
  2. Liquidized diet: 2 days-2 weeks
  3. Soft/Pureed diet: 2-4 weeks
  4. Solid diet (normal consistency): + 4 weeks

Every patient is different and therefore people can progress at differing stages. The above time scale is only a guide but a good snapshot of what to expect.

Whilst the stomach adjusts to the band and the body is healing post surgery, it is important that patients eat a balanced diet with adequate calories and protein to help promote recovery. A multivitamin supplement is of benefit, as it ensures you receive all vitamins and minerals that the body needs until patients reach the solid diet phase. It is important to discuss meal plans and diet with either the bariatric surgeon or dietitian for guidance.

What Are The Top 5 Tips To Help Patients Get The Most Of Their Gastric Band or Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery?:

1 - Chew your food slowly and thoroughly before swallowing.

2 - Do not eat and drink at the same time. Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day to avoid dehydration and help with recovery.

3 - Do not lie down after eating which might cause acid re-flux and heartburn.

4 - Eat 5 times per day. Eating regularly will insure proper nutrition and curve hunger.

5 - Avoid high caloric foods which are easily digestible. Foods including ice-cream, milk shakes, chocolate and cakes become liquids in the mouth once chewed which in turn pass through without any restrictions from the band. This is a common mistake made by patients which may reduce the potential of losing weight at the desirable rate.

What Foods Do Patients Post Gastric Band Surgery Need To Restrict or Avoid?

Fibrous Foods:

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Pineapple
  • Rhubarb
  • Oranges
  • Dried Fruits

Sticky Foods:

  • Coconuts
  • Crisps
  • Bread
  • Pasta

Foods Difficult to Digest:

  • Nuts
  • Grilled Meats

Every patient is different and therefore individual patients may experience different food in-tolerances. The above list is only a rough guide and should not replace advice from either the bariatric surgeon or dietitian.

Weight Loss Pants For Women

Women generally wish to get a slim and trim figure. But, experts are of the opinion that they are more prone to weight gain as compared to men because of the frequent hormonal changes taking place in their body. So, they are always suggested to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime is such a way that they can keep a watch on their body weight. There are many useful products available in the market that can be helpful to them for reducing their weight and one such product is weight loss shorts for women. Some people gain weight on the bottom part of their body and for women falling under this category, these pants can be of great help. These attires focus on the excess fat gathered around the thighs, hips and stomach as well.

There are many shorts available for women for ensuring weight loss, but when it comes to the selection of the best one, it would be wise to ensure whether the manufacturer is providing the following guarantees:

The weight loss shorts for women should be of slim fit nature and irrespective of the size of the thighs of women purchasing them, it should be fitting to them. Otherwise, it would be wise to ensure whether the product is available in different sizes like small, medium and large so that it will be fitting for all. It should not be clinging uncomfortably to the legs. Furthermore, the attire should be of good quality and the manufacturer should have ensured that it is made out of good quality material. The stitching should be perfect and the long-lasting feature should also be assured. Other features to look for include odor control, eco-friendliness, quick drying capability in such a way that ladies can wear them even during the rainy season on a daily basis when other clothes will take long hours for drying. In addition, it would be wise to go for a model that provides users with protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Nowadays, good manufacturers and dealers are selling these shorts online and some of them are also dealing with running shorts for women as well. When a lady wishes to purchase through online, it would be wise to make sure whether the website has complete guidelines as to how to select the appropriate size so that she can feel comfortable while using weight loss or running shorts for women. Also, the seller should be providing a safe payment option for the purchasers.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Metabolic Cooking: Revealed! My Dave Ruel and Karine Losier's Fat Loss Cook Book Review For You!

*What Is Metabolic Cooking?*

Metabolic Cooking has been designed specifically with maximum fat loss in mind and instead of using ultra low calorie foods that leave you wanting more all the time, the method uses top fat burning foods that supercharge your metabolic rate so that fat loss progresses along much faster despite the fact that you still get to eat satisfying, delicious meals.

If you're serious about fat loss then you should consider using the metabolic cooking method.

*What Does The Cook Book Know That I Don't?*

The cook book is full of super charged foods that you may have not been aware of.

It has over 250 yummy recipes that suit everyone ranging from:

Body Builders


Meat Eaters

Average Jo's

Instead of just giving you excellent recipes, the book also informs you as to why the food is good for you. Ultimately changing your eating habits for good!

All the while making your metabolic rate move faster during your weight loss expectancy.

The book contains such information like:

The Metabolic Salad Builder

The Metabolicious Dressings Book

The Supplements Optimizer Guide

The Thermo Charged Seasoning Guide

The Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets: Which includes printable daily food log and an easy conversion chart.

The Fat Loss Optimizer Guide: Which explains about the concept behind the program itself.

This also includes helpful information about time saving, money saving & the 10 rules of metabolic cooking.

The book helps every one understand the simplicity behind the science of your body and how it functions.

The book will guide you to change your diet and change your lifestyle forever!

Many reviews on this product are also saying it is "One of the most effective cook books and nutritional programs available on the market today."

The Metabolic Cook Book not only will help you on your goal towards looking & feeling great, but it'll have a massive impact on your general health.

*Who created the book?*

This approach was developed by Dave Ruel, an excellent conditioning coach, fitness instructor, fat coaching and wellness fanatic with his spouse Karine Losier, who is known as the 'cooking queen' that enjoys fitness and nutritional living!

Dave & Karine have made The Metabolic Cook Book an excellent product!

I truly believe that is a great investment for any one who wants to live a healthier fitter lifestyle, with ease and know how.

It is quiet clear that a lot of thought and time has gone into making this book to make it easy to understand and packed full of great recipes and information.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Some Simple and Safe Tips to Lose the Extra Pounds

Dieting and exercising are always a struggle for a lot of people aiming to lose weight. However, unless you want to settle for medical procedures, there's really no easy way to shed those extra pounds but to work for it. Here are some simple and safe tips to help you get started on pursuing your weight loss goals.

Fad diets are just that -- the latest craze.

There are numerous types of diet regimens that promise to help you lose weight fast. If you're asking if they're effective, the answer is yes for most people. Fad diets may work, but the results don't last. The more practical thing to do is to start changing your lifestyle, most especially your eating habits.

Go for healthier options, but also indulge your cravings from time to time or have what are known as cheat days when you can have anything you want -- in moderation of course. If you don't do the latter, your body will just feel deprived that can lead you to lose focus and motivation, as well as go on a binge you will surely regret later.

Keep yourself physically active.

If you hate working out, you don't have to go to the gym. Remember that if your heart and mind are not into what you do, you're more likely to feel less motivated and focused. If you want to lose weight faster, eat less and exercise more. Do sports you love or take part in fun physical activities that you enjoy. You can also exercise at home in-between chores or do a lot of cardio and strength training. The point is to stay busy because you don't want to eat just because you're bored.

Cut down, not cut out.

A lot of people are afraid of dieting because this means minimized consumption of the food we enjoy. Dieting is actually not the answer to weight loss, but a healthy eating is. The keyword you should always remember here is "cut down". You still get to eat the things you enjoy, but remember that everything you consume must be in moderation.

Minimize your starch, sugar and animal fat from meat and dairy foods intake and for rapid weight loss, you can consume more fruits, veggies, soy products, egg whites, skinless poultry (chicken breasts in particular), fish, shellfish, nonfat dairy foods and 95% lean meat.

Are weight loss supplements necessary?

Supplements are popular for almost similar claims as most promise to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and provide numerous weight loss benefits. No matter how popular these weight loss supplements are, it all boils down to your personal preference at the end of the day. Before you decide to start your supplementation, always get professional medical advice and research about the pros and cons of a product. And of course, do remember that supplements are just an aid to weight loss -- they are not the sole solution to your problem so they must not be used as your lone strategy to lose weight.

What's The Best Equipment For Losing Weight? Find Out The Facts

A very commonly asked question is "What's the best equipment for losing weight?" When you look at the huge range of exercise equipment available today, it can be mind-boggling. What do each bit of apparatus do? What works? What's the guarantee of weight loss? Does anyone actually know the answer?

I've put together a few facts, and quotes from authoritative sources which should help:

  • FACT: Despite what some many adverts try to make you believe, there is no single piece of equipment that will help you drop fat faster than another.

  • FACT: We all lose fat when we expend more energy than we consume, not by what type of apparatus we use.

  • FACT: Quick weight loss is not usually permanent because our bodies don't actually burn fat very rapidly. In fact when we see a dramatic reduction in weight, it's most likely to come from water loss.

  • FACT: A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 500 calories (meaning that you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day) you would lose approximately one pound per week: [500 X 7 days = 3500]. It's easy then to calculate that a calorie intake deficit of 1000 calories would mean that you'd lose approximately two pounds per week.

  • FACT: It is widely accepted that a healthy rate for weight loss is two pounds per week.

So which do you choose: The machine that is supposed to get you the most fit; the one that burns the most calories; or the device that has least impact on your joints?

These are all valid concerns, but none of these is the most important question you should be asking yourself, says exercise physiologist Dr.Bryant A. Stamford. That question is: "Which machine do you really want to use? When it comes to exercise and weight management, a good assumption is that if someone needs to exercise for weight management, they're probably pretty easily turned off by exercise," he adds.

So instead of choosing the treadmill for the calorie-burning factor, or the elliptical trainer your friend recommended, figure out which machine feels best to you. "What is it going to take to get you compliant?" asks Dr. Stamford "Everything else is secondary."

Another industry expert, Jeremy Silva, agrees: "The best equipment for losing weight is the one you're most willing to use" he says. Sticking to a balanced eating plan will help you to manage your weight. Starving oneself or restricting your calorie intake by too much can lead to overeating later on. Instead, concentrate on nutrient dense foods rather than calorie dense ones; they will be more satisfying in the long run. During busy times, having a light snack before a party or event can help to keep hunger in check and may help prevent you from overindulging later. "The best equipment for losing weight is actually your own self-discipline!" he adds.

Remember that exercise doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" endeavour. Do your best during the busy times, and try not to let the exercising itself become a source of stress.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Does The Green Coffee Bean Really Help With Weight Loss And Health?

Most people don't stop to think about the fact that there are two kinds of fat. One is and external fat like in the belly, arms and legs and the other is an internal fat that can cause major health issues like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more.

While there is no substitute for diet and exercise, we can however do more than that to become healthy and lean quicker. A natural substance called green coffee bean extract is just what the doctor ordered to help us on our journey. We will find that it is a natural healthy way to lose weight if we use the right product that meets the criteria that was used in the studies.There are so many versions out now and not all meet the requirements. We can't just go to the store to get a good quality version of this supplement.

What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean extract is taken from the green coffee bean before it is ever roasted or chemicals added to make normal everyday coffee. In its natural state, it is a healthy alkaline substance for the body. While all coffee may have some health benefits, The coffee bean that is unprocessed has a natural cholorgenic acid that helps with weight loss. These acid forming enzymes help the liver and the formation of glucose in the body.

How Does Green Coffee Help In Weight Loss And Health?

In recent studies, chloroganic acid has been found to have a natural enzyme that helps with glucose in the liver. The end result is the reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and various common disorders that so many suffer from today. It does all of this in a natural and healthy way without drugs and is also correcting the problem and re-balancing the body. These studies have also shown that the cholorgenic acid in the green coffee bean also acts like an anti obesity effect to the body by slowing the absorption of dietary fat and increasing the metabolism which cause the body to burn calories more effectively. when the bean is in its natural pure state it also acts as an alkaline to the body's P.H. Balance and this improves the overall health of the body which helps prevent colds and flu.

The true Recommended Requirements For Green Coffee Bean Extract

The green coffee bean supplement must be 50% Chlorogenic Acid, with no additives or preservatives making it 100% pure green coffee bean.

The studies show a recommended 800 mg of the supplement per day at least 30 min. before any meal with plenty of water.. I would take a 400mg capsule twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening.) Just like regular coffee, there is caffeine in the green coffee bean extract but it is a small amount and I and most people I have talked to don't notice any effect on them when they take it.

A study was used on test subjects to see if they really lost weight or if it was in their mind before to see if claims where true. They ran a test where some test subjects were given a sugar pill and they logged their diets to see if people changed their every day eating routine. Those who took the bean and changed nothing else did in fact lose weight. So while we can only take the green coffee bean, it is wise to change our diet and drink lots of water as well as exercise to have an increased effect on our body and health.

Why Some Succeed But Many Will Fail!

Have you ever wondered in life why some people are driven to succeed but most people seem destined to fail? Have you ever taken a second to think about what it is that successful people are doing that unsuccessful people seem to be missing?

In my line of work over the past few years I have helped hundreds of people all better their life's in one way or another. Most of them have reached tremendous weight loss and overall fitness goals and almost all of them have changed their life for the better. But that is not always the case. I have seen many people set hefty goals for themselves which they were never able to achieve and they are no closer today than they were back then. Why have these people failed to reach their goal so far? With access to the same training tools, given the same knowledge and pushed with the same motivation and discipline from the same fitness professionals, why were they less successful and why did they fail to reach their goals? This is what we will be discussing in this article.

From the very first time I meet with a client for their consultation I can generally tell which category they will likely fall into, success or failure. In a consultation no physical training or testing is done. Everything we deal with and have to go by in these sittings is composed of mental and emotional thoughts and feelings swirling around in their heads and hearts. Despite all the grueling physical demands that the body will be put through in the weeks to come in their intense training, the results will be determined from where the client's head is at mentally and why they are here in this room consulting with us in the first place. Success vs Failure. Here are some examples:

Who do you want to lose weight for?

Failure: My husband isn't as attracted to me as he once was.

Success: I am not happy with my physical appearance like I was 10 years ago.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Failure: My friends think I'm fat. I don't like being made fun of anymore.

Success: I know I can look better than this, I want to be healthy again.

Why are you here:

Failure: New Year's Resolution.

Success: I want to be able to chase around after my grand kids.

What are your fitness goals?

Failure: My colleagues think I should drop fifty lbs.

Success: I want to be able to run a marathon in a year and fit into my old jeans.

When would you like to reach these goals by?

Failure: In a month because I am going to be at a party with my ex and I want them to be jealous.

Success: I don't care how long it takes as long as I get there.

Now, can you spot the difference in the 5 examples listed above? It's quite simple really. To be successful with weight loss and achieving your health and fitness goals you need to be doing it for one person and one person alone. YOU! Not only do you need to be doing it for you, you need to be doing it for the right reasons with realistic and achievable goals set for you in a time frame that makes sense.

There's no better example than a bride to be. Every single soon to be bride I/we have ever trained have ALWAYS reached their weight loss and fitness goals. Why? Because it's the most important day of THEIR life. They have a DATE they need to look this way by and they have a wedding dress they need to FIT in to on this day. PERFECT! They are motivated, driven and nothing is going to stop them from looking their best on their wedding day. Success stories waiting to happen.

Everyone has the potential to succeed. Everyone is capable of greatness. There is no such thing as permanent failure in my books. Failure is only temporary lapses and doubt we place in our own minds to prevent ourselves from succeeding because we are scared to succeed. Successful people take their fears and use them as incentive to achieve their goals. Unsuccessful people take those fears and succumb to them and use them as an excuse as to why they continue to fail in life and why they will never reach their goals.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight Loss by Cardio Exercises and Strength Training

There is controversy about two varieties of exercises. For some, a good cardiovascular training regimen results in being in great shape and having endurance. For others, lifting weights and resistance training should be implemented in their daily schedule. Looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't everyone's dream, not unless you are a passionate bodybuilder. But thinking that a thorough cardiovascular workout, six times per week, is sufficient enough to help keep yourself in form and healthy, shouldn't even cross your mind since both (cardio exercise and weight training) should communicate, in sync.

What you eat and drink can play a major role to keep your blood pressure level healthy. In general, the healthier that you eat, the more reduced your blood pressure levels will be. Salt can be a key offender in raising blood pressure and most people eat way too much of it since we should be eating under 6g every day, nevertheless the majority of people are eating around 9g. All this extra salt makes our systems hold onto excess water, which then raises blood pressure. It's not entirely too hard to cut down on the white stuff, just attempt to shake less at the table and when cooking. You may also try and boost flavors with spices and herbs or seasonings like chili, ginger or lemon juice instead of salt. But it's essential to remember that around 80 percent of the salt in your diets emanates from manufactured foods, so beware the hidden salt in bread, breakfast cereals, and cheeses.

You may possibly feel slightly out of breath when you first start doing cardio workouts. The reason for this happening will be your respiratory system is just not accustomed to the additional oxygen required for your muscles working out. Yet, the more you do, the simpler it will become in your case. For example, the 1st time you try going out for a walk around the neighborhood, it may be very hard. You might feel warm and sweaty and commence to huff and puff. This is simply how the body supplies your working muscles with oxygen. With time and consistency you'll recognize that your body isn't panting for air anymore. This shows that the body is making changes to adapt to the increase in exercise. Your respiratory system gets stronger and you'll have higher stamina.

One cardio exercise that may be done in a room is running on the spot or running forwards and backwards over a small space. Doing this for 20-30 minutes provides a descent work out and best of all can be done as you're watching a movie or hearing music, that will make exercising significantly easier. This particular workout is even better if your treadmill is utilized, nevertheless they can be expensive. One problem with running right then is that it places more pressure around the feet and subsequently can cause foot aches and even leg aches as the body compensates for that pain. This is particularly prevalent when it has been a while since a previous workout, often leading to shin splints which could take some time to heal.

For a complete bodybuilding abs workout, you need to target the different aspects of the abs. The most common being active is the crunch. To perform a crunch, lie down on the floor using your legs either straight, or bent. Now, position both hands behind your neck and pull yourself up for the ceiling. Now pause for a second or two, then lower yourself slowly back to the floor. Do not crunch straight, because this can injure your back. Just raise your back from the floor a couple of inches. To increase the effectiveness, visualize your abs contracting on how up. You can also hold a weight or lie with an incline bench, if you think like really pushing your system to it's limits!

Cardiovascular, or "cardio" for short, essentially means the center. Cardio exercises raise your pulse rate for a time period, training your heart and lungs to get stronger. It is referred to as aerobic exercise. As the term indicates, aerobic exercises necessitate steady delivery of oxygen for the muscle tissues, with the coronary heart sustaining the concentration of the workouts.

Regarding fat loss, for an exercise program, intend to spend a maximum of thirty minutes once every couple of days, this is because parts of your muscles need time and energy to heal, and to rebuild muscle (thereby translating fat into muscle), and you will not experience soreness. For the fat loss program of exercising for brief periods of time every several days, even in front of the television, is a simple enough program to keep up. For fat loss that tone or build muscle, exercise ought to be both fat burning and muscle building at the same time. Do many repetitions of each exercise, and as many sets as possible... for weight reduction, you need to work muscle tissue and produce sweat. Do your repetitions as close together as is possible... work SLOWLY towards your weight reduction goal! Weight loss, true fitness, and mastery within the martial arts requires long-term and repetitive workouts.

So little Johnny's not thrilled about running a half-hour on a treadmill? It's already hard enough for adults, who see the importance, to exercise on a consistent basis. I've trained children, I can tell you by experience that they get distracted and bored that much easier. Introducing overall wellness at an early age is very important and it's up to us to provide them a fun option.

In fact if you consult a specialist he would direct you to do specific exercises for the body to take out cellulite formed at specific places much like the stomach along with the legs. For example, jogging and riding a bike are good exercises whenever you look forward to take out the cellulite formed with your thighs.

Exercising isn't hard at all once you get into the swing of things. The hardest part is taking that first step into exercising and once that has been accomplished, take it one step at a time.

Women Over 50 - Break Your Diet Plateau and Get Your Hormones Working For You

A diet plateau is never a place you want to find yourself. For women over 50 it can seem particularly difficult to get over the hump and break through the weight loss plateau. When it comes to losing weight your ability or inability is determined by your hormones. In this article you will learn how to get your fat-burning hormones working for you to get the scale dropping again.

Women over 50 are in the menopausal stage of life and two hormones gain a lot of attention during this stage. They are estrogen and progesterone. While it is true that these hormones play a role in fat storage and fat metabolism, the hormone that is more likely to be causing your diet to plateau is leptin.

Leptin is the key fat burning hormone and its main job is to protect you from starvation. When you reduce your calories on any diet plan your body reads this as a threat to your survival. This is true regardless of whether you are following the South Beach Diet, a low-carb diet, Weight Watchers, or any of the popular diet plans on the market.

When this threat is detected your body shuts down production of leptin, which slows down your body's ability to burn fat. And your body does this abruptly. In fact, after just 7 days of strict dieting your leptin levels can reduce by as much as 50%, which means your fat burning potential is also reduced by half.

So if you are a woman over the age of 50 and you want to break through a diet plateau, then you want to take these actions to get your fat-burning hormones working for you.

1. Have a Booster Meal. I call this meal a Booster Meal because it is designed to give your metabolism a quick boost so your body can resume fat burning at an efficient level. Others refer to this method as a "Cheat Meal" because that is essentially what you are doing.

You want to take one day and have a substantial meal that consists of all of your favorite "cheat" foods. This could include pizza, ice cream, chocolate, pasta, or any personal favorite.

This sounds like you would be taking a step backward in your diet, but in reality your body looks at this as a sign that you are not heading for starvation and "resets" your leptin levels allowing your body to burn fat at near optimal levels.

2. Manipulate Carbohydrate Intake Throughout the Week. After your Booster Meal you will be at a high fat burning potential and you want to follow this day with one or two lower carb day. You may want to aim for keeping carbs under 50 grams.

As the week progresses you want to add about 10-20 additional grams of carbs per day until your next weekly Booster Meal. This gives your body the balance it needs to keep leptin levels high enough to burn fat, without countering the positive impact of your diet.

Follow this simple strategy each week and you will get your hormones working for you, instead of against you, which means you can avoid any future diet plateaus. You may even find losing weight is easier after the age of 50 than when you were younger!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lowering Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is an underlying nutritional factor that American people often overlook. High blood sugar leads to diabetes, insulin resistance, and being overweight. Lowering your blood sugar is a natural way of maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

When we ingest foods, our bodies' stomach and intestines break down the food into glucose. Our cells need and use glucose as energy, but in order for our cells to be able to use glucose they also need insulin which the pancreas emits in the response to glucose. Over time, with a poor diet, excess fat, and high glucose concentrations, the pancreas stops creating insulin and the resulting diagnoses is diabetes.
One must keep glucose levels balanced in order to start losing weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. High blood sugar makes an individual feel uneasy, and it always negatively affects many organs over a longer period of time.

Diet and exercise are the main factors in the problem at hand. In order to lower blood sugar effectively, one must first start with a moderate exercise routine and eliminate processed grains, sugars, and starches out of your diet. A moderate exercise routine includes at least 30 minutes a day, three days a week, or aerobic exercise at an accelerated pace. Our bodies' muscles are natural glucose burners.

Enrolling in cardio kickboxing classes or a fitness boot camp are both good starts on your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Next is planning your meals throughout the day. Rather than eating three large meals a day, the trick is to eat small, and eat often. Our bodies do much better eating smaller amounts of food throughout the day. It is easier on the digestive system. Depending on your caloric intake, you should be eating 4-6 meals a day of about 500 calories per meal. Eat at least every four hours. With an increase in exercise and frequency of meals, water intake must be increased as well. Chronic dehydration is hard on the blood, which is the carrier of our blood sugar and insulin.

The foods we eat and the exercise we put our body through are essential factors in wellness. One can say they are fit by exercising regularly but with a poor diet, they will still develop health problems such as diabetes or congestive heart failure. Take the next step and clean up your diet and get some good exercise.

More Unique Fat Loss Tips

Losing weight comes with its difficulties. Any person who has tried to slim down has likely come across problems, roadblocks, and annoyances that either slow down their progress or halt it entirely. Rather than allow this to happen, however, you can approach this differently. With some unique fat loss tips by your side, you will be able to give your body the care and health that it deserves. This will shake things up a bit, it will get you active, it will get you healthier, and it will allow you to make real changes in your life. These unique tips can be done by anyone and they can be incredibly effective.

Your first focus should be on diet and foods. Everyone tells you that the unique way is the fad diet, but those never actually work. They give you temporary results but are impossible to stay on healthily, causing you to gain everything back once off it. For real results, you should try adding natural, healthier foods, and not just what you would think. Green tea, iron rich foods, fish, and so much more are great since they encourage your body to lose fat. Make sure that you keep things like calcium and iron in mind when you are shopping so that you choose the right foods.

Remember to make a meal plan, as well. When most people shop, they go with what they want. When you shop, you should go with what you need based on a one or two week menu that you have set up. This gives you the ability to stay on track and lose more weight since you are less likely to eat the unhealthier foods. You know what you are doing and you have everything set up. The possible benefits of a meal plan are why so many professionals recommend it, and why it is something that you see with many professionally made workout plans.

When it comes to unique fat loss tips, you are going to want to know more about exercise. Yes, you have to do it, and yes, it can be boring. While both of these are true, the latter does not have to be a problem for you. If you are the type of person who does not enjoy working out, and even skips it to do something more enjoyable, then look into more exciting options. To make it more fun, do something fun. Dancing, biking, swimming, and various workouts that are modified will help you to enjoy yourself more. This will get you interested in working out and it will help you to burn that fat.

Do not skip muscle building exercises, either. Even if you do not want that ripped, muscular body, you should still put a lot of focus on this. Do it lightly and keep up with it and it can help you to burn more fat than you may think. It is highly effective and it even gives you some extra strength.

Always try to make the unique fat loss tips your own. Change them around your specific needs and desires to ensure the best results for you.

Weight Loss Strategies That Will Give You Success

Thinking about ways to lose weight can sometimes be stressful if you're feeling like you don't know what to do. If you are one of the many who feels that they need to lose weight, it can start right here! To successfully lose weight, you need to follow proven and effective weight loss strategies. Here are a variety of ideas that will help you succeed.

Do not skip any meals when you are on a dieting program. Skipping meals makes you hungrier and more vulnerable to poor food choices and over-eating. It seems like skipping meals would be beneficial when trying to lose weight, but it is actually counter-productive.

TIP! Drink coffee if you want to maintain energy during your lifestyle change.

If you drink milk or water before eating, you will lose weight more easily. It will fill you up and prevent you from eating too many calories. Additionally, water keeps you hydrated and milk is full of calcium; this helps with strong bones and muscles.

You can lose weight by walking. It helps you lose the weight and helps increase your blood flow, which means you will be less hungry. You can burn 500 calories if you walk for an hour, and that is equal to the amount of calories in a small meal.

If you really enjoy desserts, try eating angel food cake for dessert. It's airy and light and not as fattening as other types of dessert. Sometimes, it can be almost impossible to resist your cravings. Certain types of cake, such as angel food cake, have very little substance. Since they are not as dense, they do not have as many calories as other cakes.

TIP! Don't keep junk food in your home. You won't have to be tempted by fattening foods if they never enter into your house.

Do not skip your meals. You should eat no less than three meals per day. Yes, you can still eat a few snack foods in between, but don't make it your full meal so you won't end up skipping the actual meal. You want to establish a regular rhythm for your body.

Finding ways to get exercise during meal times is an ideal way to shave off the pounds. Are you going to have a picnic? Schedule it in a local park or other green space and then walk to it. If you time allows, arranging meals around a recreational activity is a fun way to burn off the calories and lose those pounds.

It is a well-known fact that muscle burns at least four times more calories than fat does. Muscles burn calories just by being on your body, even if you aren't exercising. Doing strength training around two or three times weekly will help you build strong muscles.

TIP! Mashed cauliflower makes a healthy substitute for mashed potatoes. The recipe is quite simple.

Altering your diet so that it contains extra fruit and vegetables will assist you in your weight loss goals. The greater the variety of vegetables and fruits you eat, the better. The more you try, the more likely you are to find ones you like. Try substituting a piece of fruit for you normal desert and see if your aren't completely satisfied. Vegetables make a healthy addition to dishes like stews and most soups.

By using this advice, you will be able to formulate your own plan for weight loss and physical fitness. This will leave you less stressed. All that remains is to incorporate what you have learned in a manner that works for you. To reiterate, achieving your goals may be easier than you think if you tackle them with determination.

The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat If You Are A Woman Over 50

If it seems that ever since you turned 50 you more easily gain belly fat, then you are probably correct. Due to hormonal changes that naturally occur around this age your metabolism slows, your muscle mass decreases and your body favors the deposit of fat at your waistline. This can make weight loss for women over the age of 50 challenging, but you can follow a few simple strategies to get your body burning fat efficiently again.

The best way to lose belly fat if you are a woman over 50 is to follow this 2 pronged approach:

1. Eat for your age. Have you noticed that the Hollywood stars we grew up with, including Sharon Stone, Cher, and Goldie Hawn seem to get better bodies with age? One thing is for certain, they do not stay fit and maintain their thin waistline by following a diet they cut out of a magazine.

These fit Hollywood celebs figured out the secret of eating for their age. Your metabolism changes as you move out of your twenties and you need to adapt your diet for these changes with each passing decade.

One of the most notable metabolic changes is how your body metabolizes carbohydrates. When you are young these foods are quickly and efficiently burned for fuel. By age 50 these same foods are more likely to be deposited as belly fat.

You can eat for your age by reducing your carbohydrate intake and replacing those lost calories with protein foods. In other words, have less bun and more chicken. Or, better yet, ditch the bun and eat a chicken Caesar salad.

2. Exercise for your age. After the age of 50 muscle mass diminishes IF you do not work out to prevent it. Each pound of muscle can burn as much as 50 calories, even when you are at rest. Therefore, every muscle counts.

You want to do a minimum of 2 days a week of resistance exercise. This will not only help you burn belly fat, it will also keep your core, arms, and legs toned and shapely, which reduces the look of aging.

You can do yoga or body weight exercises, but don't shy away from picking up a couple of dumbbells. You want to tax your muscles to a point where you feel the fatigue. This stimulates the muscle to grow regardless of your age.

Resistance exercises should be complimented with aerobic exercise. For burning belly fat you should try to get your walk, bike ride, or swim in before breakfast for an added metabolic boost.

This 2 prong approach is a great way to burn belly fat and there is no better time to get started then now! And remember every successful weight loss plan starts at the same place - setting a goal.

Truth About Abs Review - Confessions Of A Truck Driver

A 212 lb obese truck driver takes on the weight loss challenge, follow his amazing journey as he delivers a full and frank verdict on the "Truth About Abs Review".

There I was driving my truck around the UK on different assignments, taking whichever job the agency would pass my way. One day it could be UPS, the next Eddie Stobarts, DHL or Wincanton, either way the hours were long, the work tedious, requiring significant amounts of concentration to keep safe on the highways and by-ways of the UK.

Being a typical British truck driver I ate and drank like the rest of my fellow comrades. Cereal or bacon, eggs, hash browns, beans and toast for breakfast. Sandwiches, crisps and chocolate in my lunch box, and at evening / late night after work anything from fish & chips, doner kebabs, fast foods burgers, pizza, fried chicken, Indian or Chinese take away. Depends what was open at that time of night.

Its June 2012 and I've been cleared to transport goods down to forthcoming London Olympic games. It requires working weekend shifts and when the games start the driving will become a night shift job as no trucks will be allowed on site during the day and understandably so. I'm enjoying the Olympic work, the buzz of the games has gripped the good citizens of the UK with the London Mayor - Boris Johnston chipping in with his famous "The Geiger counter of Olympo-mania is going to go zoink!" (Anyway, I digress!)

As a treat for our hard work, we've been given a food allowance by the good folk involved in supplying goods. This is where it starts to go wrong for me! With no discipline, I'm eating like a man possessed. Burger and fries before heading down the motorway, after clearing the security and dropping off at the various compounds around the Olympic site, depending which compound I ended up at made a difference to what treat I was in store for. One night it could be a bar of chocolate and cup of coffee, the next day it could be a full on meal at the workers canteen. Back up the motorway to stop for fuel and there is a fast food burger eatery open. In for a coffee and something off the menu so I don't have to eat when I get home in the early hours.

All this night work, eating at the wrong times, the wrong types of food and eating way too much seen me put on 10 to 11 pounds in weight in the space of three months. I was 14.5stones before the start of the Olympic work and now I've ballooned to 15st 2lb. Don't forget the beer I'm drinking when I'm off and food I eat at home, with the added biscuits, cakes, ice-cream and chocholates.

It wasn't until November 2012 after returning from a holiday did the stark realization of how huge the stomach had gone. The only course of action was to do something about this stomach shocker.

I decided to do some research on the best way forward for me, I didn't want to go on a 'fad' or celebrity diet, boring calorie counting regime, a milkshake / funny grass drink detox diet, take some dodgy fat burning pill, nor buy some silly stomach belt or crunch gizmo

It had to be sustainable with long-term weight loss results, based on independent facts, improved health, better education on food choices, plus I wanted to tone up my stomach area.

One product kept re-appearing on my radar, so I delved a little further and author Mike Geary was receiving rave Truth About Abs reviews. Here's why, Mike Geary is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, so it would be a good call to say he knows what he's talking about.

Also known as The Truth About Six Pack Abs, author Mike Geary has established himself as an expert in the field published on thousands of fitness websites around the world. A contributing author to the popular Muscle & Fitness Magazine & Oxygen Magazine. You may have also heard of other Truth About Abs review's as featured on various radio shows throughout North America.

What really persuaded me to take up the challenge for a Truth About Abs Review is the fact which he's authored one of the best-selling eBooks over the last 7 years, over 539,000 readers in 163 countries to date and great testimonials - with pictures from everyday people - not six-pack models.

Without giving everything away in this Truth About Abs Review, I'm eating much healthier than before, avoiding bad carbs like the plague, training around 3 times per week (if possible due to a bad knee) but still losing weight. Truth About Abs author Mike Geary does actually state its 80% with what we eat and 20% exercise. I can vouch for this because I missed 2-3 weeks of training due to my swollen right knee! Don't forget this isn't just for men it also for women, in fact 60% of the customers who purchased Truth About Abs were women working on getting a flat sexy stomach.

My Truth About Abs Review so far: I started at 15st 2lb and in 24 weeks have lost a total of 22 lbs. I totally am over the moon with this result (13st 8lb) and whilst I've still got 6 lbs to lose, the evidence is amazing. I've dropped a waist size, the stomach is much flatter, without the belly overhang and I feel terrific. I've got more energy than before and for the first time in 10 years I've maintained my weight below 14st. For me the gradual weight loss is better as it took years for the weight to increase, so a steady reduction in weight is better and much safer than the other weight loss programs which these other 'fads' only help you lose water in the first few weeks.

Now for the bad news! People who need to lose weight not only need to eat less junk and guess what? They need to exercise more! Mike Geary pulls no punches and tells its straight and so am I, in this Truth About Abs Review. There is a small investment to be made for dumbbells and a balance ball, but it really is a small price to pay to gain excellent health.

I've blogged about my Truth About Abs Review with before and current pictures, my weight loss as it happened, my low points, the high points, a full and frank confessions of a truck driver.