Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Some Succeed But Many Will Fail!

Have you ever wondered in life why some people are driven to succeed but most people seem destined to fail? Have you ever taken a second to think about what it is that successful people are doing that unsuccessful people seem to be missing?

In my line of work over the past few years I have helped hundreds of people all better their life's in one way or another. Most of them have reached tremendous weight loss and overall fitness goals and almost all of them have changed their life for the better. But that is not always the case. I have seen many people set hefty goals for themselves which they were never able to achieve and they are no closer today than they were back then. Why have these people failed to reach their goal so far? With access to the same training tools, given the same knowledge and pushed with the same motivation and discipline from the same fitness professionals, why were they less successful and why did they fail to reach their goals? This is what we will be discussing in this article.

From the very first time I meet with a client for their consultation I can generally tell which category they will likely fall into, success or failure. In a consultation no physical training or testing is done. Everything we deal with and have to go by in these sittings is composed of mental and emotional thoughts and feelings swirling around in their heads and hearts. Despite all the grueling physical demands that the body will be put through in the weeks to come in their intense training, the results will be determined from where the client's head is at mentally and why they are here in this room consulting with us in the first place. Success vs Failure. Here are some examples:

Who do you want to lose weight for?

Failure: My husband isn't as attracted to me as he once was.

Success: I am not happy with my physical appearance like I was 10 years ago.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Failure: My friends think I'm fat. I don't like being made fun of anymore.

Success: I know I can look better than this, I want to be healthy again.

Why are you here:

Failure: New Year's Resolution.

Success: I want to be able to chase around after my grand kids.

What are your fitness goals?

Failure: My colleagues think I should drop fifty lbs.

Success: I want to be able to run a marathon in a year and fit into my old jeans.

When would you like to reach these goals by?

Failure: In a month because I am going to be at a party with my ex and I want them to be jealous.

Success: I don't care how long it takes as long as I get there.

Now, can you spot the difference in the 5 examples listed above? It's quite simple really. To be successful with weight loss and achieving your health and fitness goals you need to be doing it for one person and one person alone. YOU! Not only do you need to be doing it for you, you need to be doing it for the right reasons with realistic and achievable goals set for you in a time frame that makes sense.

There's no better example than a bride to be. Every single soon to be bride I/we have ever trained have ALWAYS reached their weight loss and fitness goals. Why? Because it's the most important day of THEIR life. They have a DATE they need to look this way by and they have a wedding dress they need to FIT in to on this day. PERFECT! They are motivated, driven and nothing is going to stop them from looking their best on their wedding day. Success stories waiting to happen.

Everyone has the potential to succeed. Everyone is capable of greatness. There is no such thing as permanent failure in my books. Failure is only temporary lapses and doubt we place in our own minds to prevent ourselves from succeeding because we are scared to succeed. Successful people take their fears and use them as incentive to achieve their goals. Unsuccessful people take those fears and succumb to them and use them as an excuse as to why they continue to fail in life and why they will never reach their goals.