Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weight Loss For Women Weight Training

Weight Training Myth

Well here's a fact - the main hormone for increasing muscle mass when weight training is Testosterone, now this hormone is obviously in both men and women and it is this that creates the big muscles through weight training, however women only have about 7% of testosterone their male counterpart has, this means you can go to the gym or do your own home workouts and do the same training as the men but you will only ever make 7% of the muscle mass gains as the men. Because of this genetic make up no matter how hard you train you will not end up like Mr Universe.

Weight training will help you lose weight quicker than cardiovascular and aerobic workouts with the added benefits of increased strength, firmer and more toned muscles, stronger bone density and increased flexibility.

Women body builders who get very muscular use Anabolic Steroids (synthetic testosterone) plus other drugs to get that high degree of muscle mass definition.

Weight Training Increases Chest Size

Unfortunately weight training will not improve chest size, due to the fact that women's breasts are mainly fatty tissue and it is a physical impossibility for fat to turn into muscle, therefore weight training will not give you bigger breasts as weight training loses fat, if you go below 12% body fat your breast size will however decrease, weight training does however increase your back size, so when measuring this increased size probably gets mixed up with cup size.

Weight Training Makes You Stiff and Muscle Bound

We have already established the fact that as a woman your testosterone levels are only 7% that of a man so you are not going to generate lots of muscle mass, therefore we are not going to become muscle-bound.

Regarding making you stiff, the trick is, whatever exercise you are doing you need to take it through its full range of movement, for example, exercise like flyers, dead lifts, chin ups and presses stretch the muscle in its bottom range of movement, so by performing the exercises properly through their full range of movement your stretching abilities will be increased.

If You Stop Your Muscles Will Turn to Fat

This is like turning gold into silver. It is a physical impossibility for muscle tissue to turn into fat as they are two completely different types of tissue.

What happens is when you stop training completely you start to lose muscle through the lack of activity (as the old saying goes "use it or lose it") ideally when you get your ideal body rather than stop you should train at least once a week and do an overall body workout, this will put you in maintenance mode, stick to your good eating habits and this one workout a week will keep you in shape.

If you fall back into your old eating habits coupled with a slower metabolism due to inactivity it will make it look like your muscle is turning into fat, but actually you are losing muscle and gaining fat.